Students begin to learn about how to read, write and sing from standard music notation. Our 2nd & 3rd grade play pitched and unpitched instruments. 4th & 5th grade play recorders.


Students learn to communicate in real-life contexts about topics that are meaningful to them. Emphasis is placed on the use of Spanish in the classroom and authentic materials to l earn about culture. Technology is an important means of accessing authentic information in Spanish and in enriching the Spanish classroom experience. Through the language learning process, students develop a greater understanding of the structure of their own language and the unique aspects of their own culture.


Students continue to be presented with famous art and are now drawing comparisons between various artists and their works. History, culture and faith are highlighted throughout this study. Creativity is stressed in producing works of art that utilize various medium and incorporate the lessons’ stressed elements.

Physical Education

Students in grades 1 & 2 practice basic movement patterns, locomotor and non-locomotor skills. Students are introduced to intermediate sports skills and practice movement patterns such as throwing, catching, striking, kicking, jumping and landing using a variety of manipulatives. Students participate in intermediate balance, dance and rhythm activities, as well as modified game play. Students in grades 3-5 practice advanced movement patterns, locomotor and non-locomotor skills in a variety of settings. They participate in advanced modified game play and testing for the components of fitness.


Students continue to develop their technology background through various programs. Programs such as Microsoft, IXL and interactive games are all based on the child’s grade level. We make sure emphasis is placed on the skills needed to succeed in a world with technology.

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