Elementary School-Grades 1-5

Language Arts

The rules and principals of English grammar, word usage, and language mechanics are taught according to the conventions of Standard English. Students apply acquired skills when communicating through both written and spoken language. Cursive Handwriting is taught in third grade and is required in grades fourth and fifth.


Basic reading skills are taught through the use of a wide variety of children’s literature and novels. Students engage in both whole group and small group learning.

Phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and critical thinking skills are emphasized. Oral and independent reading, as well as listening and speaking are practiced daily. Academic needs are met through the use of differentiating lesson plans.


The Catholic faith is taught through daily structured religion lessons which emphasize the fundamentals of our faith and the doctrines of Catholicism. Catholic values are integrated throughout the curriculum. Students are encouraged to live according to the teachings of Christ. Students attend weekly Mass each Wednesday.


Mathematical concepts in computation and problem solving are taught through the use of textbooks, workbooks, and enrichment materials. A hands-on approach to problem solving is utilized throughout the math curriculum. Math manipulatives tools, games, basic skills practice, daily math drills and IXL are used to teach and reinforce math skills.


Science is taught through the use of textbooks, computer technology, lab resource equipment, and class projects. Hands-on models, visual aids, videos, demonstrations, and experiments facilitate differentiated learning.

Social Studies

Concepts, basic study skills, and participation skills aid in the teaching of Virginia history. Historical literacy, learning the significance of events that took place in Virginia, as well as ethical, cultural, geographic, economic, and national/political literacy as it pertains to Virginia’s history, is enhanced through textbooks, class presentations, songs and field trips. Local, regional and global connections help the students to develop community awareness as well as to learn about Virginia as a Commonwealth.


Students learn to communicate in real-life contexts about topics that are meaningful to them. Emphasis is placed on the use of Spanish in the classroom and authentic materials to learn about culture. Technology is an important means of accessing authentic information in Spanish and in enriching the Spanish classroom experience. Through the language learning process, students develop a greater understanding of the structure of their own language and the unique aspects of their own culture, as well as those of the target culture.


Technology-SJA is equipped with a large computer lab. Each classroom is housed with a computer and Promethean interactive boards. Students in grades 3rd & 4th have a class set of Chromebooks to use during the school day. Students in 5th grade are issued their own Chromebook for home and school.

Students participate in Physical education twice a week. Students also participate in Music, Art and Spanish, once a week.

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