What is SJA Youth Ministry?

A ministry designed to:

1) Introduce teens to Jesus Christ and bring them closer to Him through the Sacraments.

2) Establish meaningful relationships between the teens, growing in fellowship and calling one another on to greater holiness.

3) Help teens develop leadership skills in order to evangelize to others and be the face of Christ in their community and the world.


Confirmation is a Sacrament of the Catholic Church in which we receive the Holy Spirit the same way the Disciples did at Pentecost. It is the Sacrament of the Church’s mission, which brings about the saving presence of Jesus Christ to the world. It is Sacred and requires preparation just like the other Sacraments.

Requirements: Must be in 10th grade and above OR at least 16 years of age as well as attending Mass and Reconciliation regularly.

Online Registration for Confirmation

Confirmation FAQ

Why a recently-dated Baptism record is necessary

Obtaining a Baptismal record

Youth Events

To Sign up for SJAY events, please turn in an SJA Annual Liability waiver (if you have not done so) and the appropriate amount of $$ to reserve your space (all checks made out to SJA)

Check our Facebook Page for great events and fun to come! Group: SJAYouth