The goal of the Religious Education Program at Saint John the Apostle in Virginia Beach, VA is to minister to all parishioners the love of Jesus Christ through instruction on the teachings of the Catholic Church. Through our program, we invite all parishioners to lifelong spiritual, moral and intellectual conversion to Jesus Christ that is lived out in the Catholic Faith.



In previous years, we have served between 350 - 400 students for both sessions and for online homeschool. In-person classes are dependent on volunteers. We need to have a better understanding of the number of students we can serve before we assign classes. With this in mind, we are urging parents who are interested in registering their children for in-person Religious Education to register early. This will help determine which grades can stand on their own and those which may need to be combined with other grades. Your help would be much appreciated!

Religious Education Classes are held on Sundays from 12:45 – 2:00 pm and Mondays from 6:15 -7:30 pm. Classes meet September through April. Please use our website to register students online (Credit Cards and PayPal only) OR print forms to turn into the parish office (Cash and Check only). Discounts apply for early registration and payment is expected at the time of registration. The registration fee is waived for Catechists and reduced for Aides. Class assignments for students are given on a first come first serve basis.

Online Registration and Printable Forms. Please contact the church office at (757) 426-2180 for more information.

Religious Education Schedule 2021-2022. Classes will begin in October 2021.

Religious Education FAQ


ONLINE HOMESCHOOL OPTION (First Grade, Third Grade through Eighth Grade)

For the past few years, St. John the Apostle has offered an online homeschool option (First Grade through Eighth Grade) through My Catholic Faith Delivered. My Catholic Faith Delivered (MCFD) has the entire "Faith and Life" Series from Ignatius Press available for individual and classroom use. Since there is a lot of uncertainty, many families are choosing this option for the upcoming school year. What are the aspects that you should be aware of?

  • The online program is completely self-taught with a schedule determined by the family. There are some families who are able to finish the program within a short amount of time while others choose to spread out the classes throughout the school year.
  • You can access the program online anywhere. We have at least four families who are using the program while they are stationed overseas in Europe.
  • The online program actually has the entire program (Student & Activity Books) with embedded videos, games, and assessments. There is no need to have the actual student and activity books.
  • While a student can progress on their own, parents can choose to be with their children as they learn. Parents will learn just as much as their children.
  • The Director of Religious Education can check on the progress of each student and knows what chapters have been completed, grades for assessments, etc. Since this may be a popular option this year, there will be a concerted effort to make sure that each family is progressing well through the program.

To choose this option, please register online and click on "homeschool". To choose this option, please register online and click on "homeschool". The registration fee - all children inclusive - can be paid online. We will obtain the necessary purchases from MCFD, and parents will be informed by email from them as to the log-in information. Homeschool families will be notified in the September/October timeframe for the start of the School Year.

Since Second Grade is traditionally focused on sacramental preparation for First Penance and First Communion, families with students preparing for these sacraments should expect in-person classes.

Students in the following grade levels have the option of home instruction via an online program using the same textbook series (Faith & Life) that we use: 1st, 3rd – 8th grade. Families should pay the regular registration fee and a portion of that fee will be used to set up the online access provided by The DRE will have the ability to check up on individual students and their progress in work. Students in second grade or those preparing for the sacraments (i.e. Baptism, First Penance, First Communion) should be enrolled in a regular class – there will be no option for online instruction due to the work that needs to be done. Any other specific questions about homeschooling should be directed to the DRE.


Children of Light Ministry is a ministry to students with special needs (physical, emotional, intellectual) and their families. We provide guidance to catechists to best instruct children with special needs, as well as provide support for families who choose to homeschool their children based on these situations. We meet with parents and students to determine the best preparation for their religious instruction. For more information, please contact John Domingo in the Parish Office.

Adult Confirmation:

Baptized adult Catholics who have already celebrated their first Eucharist but who have not been confirmed, are invited to contact John in the Parish Office for a special class separate from RCIA to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Classes are normally given twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring, always on Sunday mornings after the 9:15 am Mass.

John Domingo

Director of Religious Education

Colleen Fickel

Religious Education Assistant

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