Many times, we receive inquiries about how to support or donate to our SJA Stingrays. We are so appreciative of your time, talent and treasure! It is our hope that the following information will help you prayerfully consider your options when choosing how to help St. John the Apostle School students.

Virginia Education Improvements Scholarships Tax Credits:

The Virginia Education Improvements Scholarships Tax Credits is a mutually beneficial way for Virginia taxpayers to donate to a tuition assistance program that assists new students and returning students whose family income is less than 300% below the poverty line.

The minimum donation amount is $500. The maximum donation amount for individuals and married couples is $125,000 per year. There is no maximum limit for any business entity, including sole proprietorships. Individuals can use the Tax Credits against their Virginia personal income tax liability. Businesses can use the Tax Credits against various tax liabilities. The full list can be found on the McMahon Parater Foundation website within the Diocese of Richmond.

Further information and donation forms can be found to the right of this page.

Contact: Tracey Dooley at or 757-821-1100, Ext 213

Focus on the Future:

Allow SJA to provide you with a VIP snapshot tour of St. John the Apostle Catholic School. This tour allows you to pull back the curtain and see an hour in the life of SJA, and learn about the three missions of our school. We would love to have you join us!

Contact: Stacy Rogers at or 757-821-1100

Annual Appeal:

The annual appeal is the opportunity for the school to reach out to the church and school community at large and ask for donations that can be used to lower the overall cost of Catholic education. Through the Annual Appeal, SJA is able to meet the maintenance and upkeep costs of the school, assist in keeping tuition low for students, continue to assist in our Chromebook Initiative, and provide additional education resources.

Contact: Tracey Dooley at or 757-821-1100, Ext 213

Earmarked Donations:

We always accept donations that are specifically earmarked for areas such as: Tuition Assistance, the SJA Library Literacy Program, and SJA Café among other areas.

Contact: Tracey Dooley at or 757-821-1100, Ext 213

Thank you for your interest and may God continue to bless you!