Pre K (4’s) - Our Pre K is a continuation of our Little Rays program. The following is a sample of goals in Religion, Language Arts and Math.

Religion: Use the Sign of the Cross and Grace before and after meals, recite Our Father/Hail Mary, display common courtesies (such as please and thank you) to fellow classmates, learn about creation.

Language Arts: Identify upper/lower case letters, recognizes and differentiate beginning sounds, writes first and last name, repeats and recites material such as prayers, pledge, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, songs & simple versus. Communicates with courtesy, answers questions, retells stories and draw conclusions, identify sight words from the Dolch Pre-Primer sight word list.

Math: Count by rote to 20, compare equal, greater than, and less than, identify numbers 1-20, recognize sequence of objects, simple addition.

General Information:

We offer a 5 day, morning or full day program:

  • Morning 7:45am – 11:45am/ Full day 7:45 am – 2:45 pm
  • Students attend Mass on Wednesday (beginning in October)
  • All students wear the school uniform (see handbook for details)
  • Parents provide a snack each day-students can bring a lunch from home or purchase for an additional cost
  • Before and after school care is available, please contact business manager for more information

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