The Little Rays program is an introduction to our Pre K through social interaction, stories, exercise, music and crafts, all led by experienced teachers. First and foremost this program is a fun-loving, faith-filled, caring, Christ-centered environment. We want this first experience with school to be a happy one.

Our program offers fun, curriculum-based activities that will introduce your child to learning while reinforcing what he or she already knows.

Religion – Developing a positive self-image as a child of God, through the learning prayers (Sign of the Cross, The Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary and Blessing before meals), daily bible stories, discussion and songs.

Language Development - Speaking, listening, creative thinking and imaginative play, learning the Pledge of Allegiance.

Personal/Social Development – Cooperative play as indicated by taking turns, sharing, following directions, and initiating interaction.

Motor Skills- Large muscle activities, both indoor and outdoor, hand-eye coordination through play and crafts, such as cutting, pasting, beading, puzzles and building blocks, introduce handwriting.

Art, Music, P.E. – offered weekly

3 day or 5 day program

Half day – 7:45 am – 11:45 am

Full day – 7:45 am – 2:45 pm

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