St. John the Apostle Catholic School, offers a full day kindergarten program. The kindergarten program strives to enhance the developmental needs of young children.

The goals of the Kindergarten Language Arts program, using the series “Imagine It” are:

  • Identify and manipulate the sounds of language.
  • Learn how the alphabet works
  • Enjoy learning from books and stories
  • Explore concepts in science and social studies
  • Develop writing to share ideas and information
  • Provide early reading and writing experiences at which they can be successful
  • Help students focus not only on the importance of learning but also on the joy that learning brings to our lives.

The Math program places much emphasis on the development of concepts. The children learn number concepts and operations with manipulatives such as blocks, cubes, links and other appropriate materials. The activities are designed to help the child achieve an understanding of mathematical concepts.

Science and Social Studies are taught through a variety of activities across the curriculum and through the weekly reader.

Listening to simple Bible stories, making creative art projects, singing songs and attending Mass, provide steps in the formation of the child’s religious education.

All of our kindergartners participate in PE, twice a week. Music, Art, Foreign Language and Technology are taught once a week.

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